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Join us for an immersive fulldome workshop series, featuring industry-leading speakers and hands-on sessions.



Spherical Content

Master Classes

Learn Immersive Techniques

Blendy DomeVJ

Delve into the process of fulldome mapping using Blendy Dome VJ, and explore the infinite possibilities. Be prepared to unleash your creativity with this powerful tool designed for a seamless fulldome experience.

Spherical Mapping

Our workshops also cover spherical mapping. Learn from skilled professionals, engage in hands-on experiences, and create captivating visuals that demand attention.

Content Creation

Learn the art of content creation using powerful tools like Cinema 4D, Blender, and Blendy 360 CAM for C4D. Our hands-on studio experiences are designed to help you become an expert in no time.

Pre-MasterClass Interaction

We aim to engage our attendees even before the workshop begins. Our Slack channel lets you interact, ask questions, and get to know your fellow participants ahead of time.

Blend Creativity and Technology Together

Create stunning visuals with

VJ Uni Colorado ensures a user-friendly experience for all participants, regardless of technical proficiency. We prioritize mobile responsiveness as part of our design to ensure that you can access all the information you need with ease. You can expect smooth navigational features and quick loading times across a range of devices.

Transform your creativity with Blendy Dome VJ.

Unleash your creativity with Blendy Dome VJ, spherical mapping and 3D content creation.

Master Blendy Dome VJ for innovative fulldome mapping Experience real-time fulldome projection mapping through practical workshops.


The Venue in Colorado

Dairy Arts Center


The Dairy Arts Center provides diverse opportunities to create, learn, and engage in high quality performing, cinematic, and visual arts experiences.

Past Editions VJ University


recognized for creatively integrating digital arts through video projection mapping, Fulldome Projection, software programming, sound, and video art. United VJs, headquartered in São Paulo with partners across South America, Asia, the US, and Europe, has earned global acclaim for its innovative performances.



New-media artist, director and one of the principle organisers of the film festival FULLDOME UK. In the field of fulldome, he also works as a software menthor and systems integrator for VJing in digital planetariums.


VJ and creative coder specialized in the development of software tools for animation, projection mapping, interactive installations, procedural art and video games. He is the coder behind BLENDY VJ and the BLENDY DOME VJ.



Director, VJ, Content Producer. Specialist in projection mapping, VJing, Video Performance and Interactive instalations. Over the past 20 years he has performed in all major cities in Brazil and all over the world.


is a multi-talented artist, known for his work as an international dome master, immersive film maker, DJ, VJ, and project manager. Timmy has performed and installed projection domes and geodesic art for a wide range of clients.


Our workshops empower you to create domesmasters!

Vivid Visuals and Hands-on Learning

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